• ABOUT THE GALLERY GALERIE FARAH FAKHRI is a contemporary African art gallery located in Ivory Coast and dedicated to artists...

    GALERIE FARAH FAKHRI is a contemporary African art gallery located in Ivory Coast and dedicated to artists from the African continent and the diaspora. The gallery programme showcases contemporary art across painting, sculpture, textile, and mixed media installations.


    Farah Fakhri, the African Art Specialist behind the eponymous gallery, shares her excitement about the launch, «Ivory Coast is a country with a rich cultural heritage, our goal is to create a space that inspires dialogue of African Artists, bridging the gap between cultures and fostering a sense of unity. »


    In conjunction with the exhibition programme, GALERIE FARAH FAKHRI hosts residencies programmes, inviting artists from the continent and the African diaspora to immerse themselves in the vibrant artistic community of Ivory Coast. Providing a springboard for the development of their artistic practice through substantial research opportunities, the residency will result in the creation of a new body of workthat will be presented at the gallery or through special projects. By positioning local artists, and artists of the African continent in dialogue with international audiences and creatives, Fakhri’s ambition for the gallery is to expand beyond its walls and extend to offsite projects where established artists are presented alongside the most vanguard practices. 


    Fakhri elaborates: «When I founded my residency programme in January 2023 it was to provide the foundations of an infrastructure that encouraged ongoing dialogue between artists from the continent with artists from the diaspora. It has been a long-term ambition of mine to open a space that showcases contemporary art from Africa, and my hopes are that it grows to become a cultural hub for creative discussion, networking, and artistic support within Africa and the international community.» 


    The gallery aims to provide a platform to foster cultural exchange through residency and educational programs and to serve as a vibrant hub for artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts. 

  • ABOUT THE FOUNDER Founder and Director of GALERIE FARAH FAKHRI FARAH FAKHRI Born in Abidjan, Farah Fakhri is an Ivorian-Lebanese...


    Founder and Director of GALERIE FARAH FAKHRI 



    Born in Abidjan, Farah Fakhri is an Ivorian-Lebanese art specialist with a deep passion for storytelling and contemporary African art. Her journey began as Communications Director at Chanel for the MENA region, where she witnessed the integration of storytelling and artisanship with prominent art institutions. After pursuing further education at École du Louvre in Paris and Christie's Education in London, Farah moved back to Abidjan and decided to transform her personal space into a platform for self-funded artist residencies, hosting creatives from across Africa. This initiative, now a cornerstone of her gallery, led to her offering residencies every six weeks, fostering artistic exploration and dialogue. In 2022, she founded GALERIE FARAH FAKHRI, which is on a journey to become a cultural hub bridging local talent with the international art community. Collaborating with emerging talents like Kelvin Haizel and Charles David Gnangoran, and established artists like Yeanzi, Taher Jaoui, and Abdoulaye Konaté, the gallery significantly contributes to the recognition of African art. Farah's dedication to African artistry is at the heart of the gallery's mission to become a globally recognized platform fostering cultural exchange and nurturing a vibrant artist community.